“I’m not somebody who wants to take guns away. I’m not somebody who wants to kill babies,” Boyd told AL.com.

He said he grew up in South Carolina around guns and would just want to enforce existing laws regarding who can purchase a firearm. As for abortion, Boyd described himself as a “man of the cloth” and emphasized the importance of adoption.

As a U.S. senator, Boyd would support “a realistic ‘path to citizenship’ plan for undocumented immigrants” who are “living and working peaceably” in the U.S., according to his campaign website.

He also opposes the privatization of Social Security, supports legislation that “helps fill the health care/Medicaid coverage gap that exists for women in Alabama,” opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership and wishes to increase the minimum wage to $14 by 2018.

Joseph Breault, Republican

Despite running for office, Joseph Breault is keeping a low profile. So low, in fact, that the Alabama GOP wasn’t even aware of who he is, according to AL.com.

And as the newspaper discovered, Breault doesn’t like to speak to reporters, either.

Breault, a chaplain based at the Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, was also the Republican nominee in a Utah House race last year, his LinkedIn page says.

He previously served as chaplain at a VA hospital in Salt Lake City and at the Buckley Air Force base in Aurora, Colo.

Randy Brinson, Republican

A lay minister and former university trustee, Randy Brinson also received a medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia and served as the chief of gastroenterology at Maxwell Air Force Base.